Backstage at London Fashion Weekend S/S13

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Day 1 of London Fashion Weekend Make up by Elizabeth Arden

Catwalk set with the light beams. &-the flashing lights, lights...

Eastern Promise was one of the trends for the LFWend trend shows ,which displays a variety of designers clothes that are styled into a trend. The trend shows where styled by the wonderful Hillary Alexander!

Eastern Promise had detailed print wear, with uses of bold exotic colours and authentic accessories from asia. There was a range in head wear for the look which included roses, sequences and and embroided pieces.
Fans ah make her dance

but if your thinkin' bout my baby it don't matter if your black or white or asian

Almost shaking it like a Polaroid picture...

Hair by Toni & Guy - the hair is split by the middle and twisted until you reach the end of the hair. Wrap around the twisted hair and pin it with a bun. You can use leave in conditioner to set it. After taking it out use fingers to gently separate and you should have achieved this look.

Show Time! 

Loved the silk printed suit. The print work was well done and the silver platted metal necklace with emerald stone complimented it so well. Topped of this outfit with a mint green  paper parasol. #candid

Peace Boo

Scones & Cakes courtesy of Toms Deli I think lol

This trend was called 'Doll's House' it consisted of clothes with  textile texture, print,  rouging and sequences. The clothes were pink and featured blues, whites and creams. This trend shows a range in casual and formal clothing that was styled by Hillary Alexander.

Model Emily in Floral print boned dress, by Topshop.

Opaque, water washed dresses with gathering to the center of the garment. One of my favorite models Dahlia Izatullaeva (right) she's so photogenic, bubbly and has a lot of character which was fab.

Head gear available for purchasing at London Fashion Week (Somerset house) .

Sucha Barbie. Making this Skirt you'll need a chosen heavy fabric underneath and over it use chiffon, mesh or  a netted fabric. If pink is not your colour or you want something completely different purchase another colour for the bottom layer. Even opt for different textures.

Phresh off the runway! -Dahlia 

After the VIP performance -quick snaps with the Mod's

Day one of London Fashion Weekend Finito. Ended on great music! Courtesy of Labrinth .

      This man is always playing at Charring Cross when I'm passing by to the station have a listen.

 © Jeaulina Cato 2013 all rights reserved on photographs

Backstage At London Fashion Week, Felder Felder Show A/W 13

Welcome to London Fashion Week
                                  Annette & Daniela Felder discussing the collection. Please excuse the positioning of filming as someone was directly in front of me. The sound is not so clear but do enjoy as this is my first video post to my blog. I shall make up for it in posts to come.

Make up by Max Factor and Hair by L'Oreal.

Model in make up. I didn't snap a shot of the make up look for the fashion show collection. It was a fresh face, a soft pink creamy blush, toasted red lips using Gypsy red flipstick & Elixir lip pencil and a faint brown eye shadow with gloss.

The moment in itself presents to be the most tranquil but backstage was an adrenaline rush. 

L'Oreal at work creating a effortless morning look of natural waves.

Applying the looks for one of Felders models.

Manolo Blahnik -Shoe fitting, sizing ans customizing.

Stunning Rings, Ear cuffs and Earrings for the show  from Noudar .

Model Grace Bol wearing a snake ear cuff.  

Model having a fitting for Noudar Jewelry.

So excited when I saw FTV (Fashion TV) I've been watching them on Fashion World from when I was oh-so young. Memorable moment.

Model line up in first looks if I remember correctly.

Model x3 Love the weaving and tubing on the coats and the signature studding by Felder Felder.

Ultra Hollywood

Models on each end and Daniela & Annette Felder in the middle.

& again

Wonderful model I got to work with today.

Delilah !!! Great over-sized plaid coat & matching scarf.

This was my blonde moment! I was petrified when I saw this from a distance. I started moving away lool people laughed and said it's not real. Shame on

Cheetah print & Strips not over done at all especially with gorgeous chestnut brown hair to contrast with.

Created her outfit out of jeans shirts and her head piece out of jeans. 

Print wear and complimenting shoes.

Textured blazer and sequenced collar - brilliant.

Diluted pink roses on a wool hat great detailing to top of a outfit.

Andy T. from

Hana Jirickova -Black on Black -wheels on the bus shades lol ...Stunner!

Oversized bumble bee scarf, tux  coat and a feodora hat. 

Kingsley and Charley. Black under layers are lifted with essential colors and accessories. Hats, Fringed shoes, printed scarf, tweed blazer and a must have notebook/iPad.

Blue's & Blacks can become lost in layers. I loved this look because of the use of accessories which engages all parts of the outfit. 

Work, Work and Enjoyed the rest.

Freebies so on and so forth....see you soon, thanks again for checking it out!
 © Jeaulina Cato 2013 all rights reserved on photographs

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