'I Bought This For The Cover' Pop-Up Exhibition

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 'I Bought This For The Cover' Pop-Up Exhibition was created by Leanne Petersen.
The Concept is brilliant and I truly enjoyed it. Each person involved in the collection took a picture with their favorite magazine covers and was a part of this coming together as many different cool and creative covers.. The Gallery is in Camden, London and it's on from the 26th April - 28th April 2013. I recommend you see it in person so do get down there and don't miss out! - http://www.cobstudios.com/?page_id=127

Leanne Petersen on Opening Day!

Loved the Background of this photo  (Left). 

One of my favorite covers you don't even need to ask why. The names Skate..Board..P

Fashion Kids 


How cool is this cute dog and owner.

To Cool For School...


Cool Shades Bro

Blurred Lines

Milen's Photo in a Photo 

Ben X Ben + I-D Magazine

Emanuella with her Photo - Trace Mag'

Love that helmet

This ain't about fashion but i Love this Red Ensemble 

Grazie, Ciao Bella's See you Oh So Very SOON!

© Jeaulina Cato 2013 all rights reserved on photographs 

Donna Ida Store Launch

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Donna Ida Launch Party in Chelsea!

Cloudy Jeans

Love these Jeans reminds me of the embroidery you would find on Traditional Mexican Jackets or even Hats.

Art Deco X Floral Print

I was getting bored of seeing the same Bomber Jackets over and over but I really like this one. It reminds me of a rain forest with a great burst of blues and greens.

Jeans Galore

Abrigo Amarilo - I like the knitted pattern and shape of the coat. As the suns out one minute and the rain and snow the next you would do good with this in London. 

Brunch anyone? 

Cute Jars & Bottles behind the till

Cake Pops - http://www.popbakery.co.uk/ Are they cute or what?

Black Score designed exclusive tee's for the event - http://www.blackscore.co.uk/

Well I did but no one answered

The sleeves remind me of palm trees in California, great colours.

Jeaulina Cato :)

Love me some Jackets!

Nice and simple graphic design,  light weight tee and the perfect grey & white fused colours. 

Icelandic influences I see

Some of the D.I ladies in their cute tees 

Cute scarfs I want the white or orange one

Fancy Pants

Rows + Stacks 

Refreshing JAX COCO - coconut water SLURRP http://jaxcoco.com/

Arrivederci, CIAO Bella!

© Jeaulina Cato 2013 all rights reserved on photographs  
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