Birthday Dining Table Decor

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As my sister was away for her birthday a week later, after her arrival we wanted to host a birthday dinner for her. 

The round glass white plates are from Ikea, the napkins are from Next and the gold leaf napkin rings are from H&M home. The long rectangle serving dish comes from Asda, which you can find in-store. 

Sometimes platting dinner food can become a handful with portions and wanting to maintain a visual appeal. I used a range of different dinning pieces that had individual shapes and were made from a variety of materials; this will keep the eye on the table as a whole capturing, detail, colour and content. 

For dessert, I had made red velvet cake pops and served them in these Candlestick holders from M&S. Frankly,  it's not what you don't have it's about utilising what you do have. I had bought a set of ribbons for 50p and cut them into equal pieces and tied bows around the cake pop sticks. Our 3-tier stand is often used for serving cakes and scones as you would see at an afternoon tea. However, we decided to use biscuits, chocolates, cakes and wrapped treats.

Hope you found a sprinkle of inspiration or a new appetite, either one or both I'm smiling over.

© Jeaulina Cato 2016 all rights reserved on photographs

The Classic 5 For Valentines

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From a young age I had a love and obsession over perfumerie, scents and the ingredients which make them
what they are. I love collecting beautiful fragrances, unusual scents and also helping people find something new that suits them. 

This first fragrance was bought for me by my mother on her way to Italy, by Salvatore Ferragamo, Signorina - Eleganza.
It's beautifully airy and laced with base notes of patchouli and white leather and head notes of grapefruit and crisp pear. It's a dream like walking through a path of cherry blossom in spring. It's one I could always go back to. 

On my twentieth birthday, I was having a birthday dinner with my friends, I wanted to capture that moment with a scent and always remember that chapter of my life.

The first one I had was Promenade In The Garden but there was one that I kept going back which I had to get -
Lazy Sunday Morning by Maison Martin Margiela, it's like a white cotton sheet dream. It's clean and fresh blend of beautiful notes aldehydes, iris and lilly of the valley are just a few that unravel the soft lengths within this scent. The collection 'Replica' are to remind you of a place moment or even location. 

Diptyque is on of my favourite brands each fragrance has a story behind it and they do some of the most unusually beautiful fragrances and perfumes, simply because it just works. 

Eau Rose is a Rosie dream, it's full of charm, graces the skin lightly and carries so elegantly over time. Mid notes of rose, jasmine and geranium that delightly stay at the tip of your inhale. 

One I've bought repeatedly and also been given, Lancôme's La Vie Est Belle. It reminds of Barcleona as I'd bought it on my way there and wore it throughout my stay. It's almost like a subtle spice sculpted with sweet notes that enhances every moment. It's special. Another from Lancôme that I'm yet to get a hold of is L'autre Oud En Rose.

Chloé, one the first perfumes I fell in love with. It's a soft classic and original fragrance. It's chic and sophisticated and warning. It combines notes of peonies and magnolias, a powdery silk against the skin, wrapped with cedar wood. 

Thank you for viewing and I hope you have a memorable and fragrant Valentines xo

 © Jeaulina Cato 2016 all rights reserved on photographs

Galeria Melissa & The Campana Brothers

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Whilst waiting for one of the fashion shows to start we wondered around nearby to where we had been to see a presentation show. 

Being drawn into Galeria Melissa by a huge amount of balloons and a funny guy who insisted ASAP Rocky and Kanye was inside, which was amusing enough visit . 

Walking through the the beautiful gallery we saw wonderful shoes, from babie's pumps to swanky heels in sleek mobile fixtures that incased them. 
We saw beautiful moving installations with gold transitioning patterns and the most incredible lampshade hanging above. 

Downstairs into a red carpeted room with draped curtains by the door, we got to see a room full of bliss by the Campana brothers. 

The Campana brothers are from Brazil, showing five of their Baroque inspired pieces within Galeria Melissa in Covent Garden, from there collection. 



CrossEyes New Marylebone Store Launch

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Danish born company CrossEyes has now opened their sixth store in the UK in Marylebone
I have known of the brand for a few years now and Tuesday afternoon I went to their launch event to finally see it and meeting the faces behind the glasses.  

What makes this brand special is that all that is within the store has been made in Denmark, the fixtures, even down to the furniture.

Thirty percent of there frames are their core classics and the over seventy percent are limited edition frames which means every visit will always be different to the last.

There was a heart and electric symbol on the lenses that I was curious about. Catching up with the founder 
Søren Møller, he explained that it meant 'life blood' which is the direct translation of the Danish word 'Hjerteblod'

CrossEyes is all about 'Danish Life Blood' and hard work. They are love what they do and they are passionate about it, which is seen in the quality of what they create and the great and warm service 
they provide. 

Be sure to check them out. Spring/Summer is eagerly approaching, London is getting lighter and brighter for sure. If you're anything like me you purchase frames anytime of the year and wear them whether the sun is high or the clouds are low.

I went to foodie heaven trying this,  'Kransekage' (on the right). 
It's a Daniah sweet cake made from Marzipan and its all you ever need to try if you find a Danish bakery or visit Denmark soon. 

Hope you guys enjoyed thanks for viewing. 
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