Cube Company's Press Day AW16

Back at it again with Press Day and this time I visited the guys down at Cube Company.
We got the chance to see some great brands who are farely new, but are covering great grounds and some familiar brands who continue to evolve and recreate themselves.

Delage1905 - Delage is a luxury French company renowned for there leather upholstery and there long lasting objects. Following a great history of quality, performance and elegance in there automobiles. Delage1905 handbags are a testament to that. They offer a range for women and men. Classic shapes, original structures and statement ranges of colour.

Funnel Neck Coats - J love a funnel neck, high neck and turtle necks. They add a effortless chic to every outfit. This jacket is great as the colour and weight of is makes it versatile enough to dress throughout A/W - S/S. Manly down to the fiery tones of yellow. No one likes to complicate outfits so it's always good to have a well structured statement piece. 

Mastrum - Massimo Osti was a Garment  Technologist & Designer he launched Stone Island and other brands. All the brands Osti created was eventually archived into the 'Massimo Osti Archive' and that is were the birth of M.A.STRUM came into existence. In this coat in particular you can see influences of one of Osti's brands
'C.P Company'.

Jade Iglima - a beautiful British model who I know and love! She kindly accompanied me and tried on some amazing jackets including this one. It's a heavy weighted coat and highly structured. It's got elements of a aviator/bomber and a rain coat. It is apart of a men's collection but she wears it so well I'd say it's unisex. 

There were more cool collections to look forward too from Nike, Adidas and Pink Soda. Unfortunately no photography was permitted so keep your eyes peeled over the following months to come. Thank you guys for reading I hope this inspired your upcoming wardrobe. Check out cube company on all their brands they house. 

© Jeaulina Cato 2016 all rights reserved on photographs

Canoe Inc's Press Day AW16

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I got invited to come along to Canoe Inc's press days at The Vinyl Factory.

Press day is where bloggers, publications and sometimes stylist come along to view what's new this season. Each PR company represents different brands or sometimes the same brand but a different collection than the other. 

The new Canada Goose collection.
It's evident our summer has been prolonged and any momentary glimpse of sun is to be cherished but not relied on. So yes I put my hopes in winter and I can't wait to invest in something so dreamy as this.

Nude Espresso - I picked up a cappacino and it was one of the best I've ever had and I'm not a coffee addict. It wasn't too strong or too light it was perfectly in the middle, and even without sugar it was a winner. 

Hawkes - a unique cider making company who creates their cider with the help of the community. Using apples that 'you' (possibly) from community spaces, local sourcing and back gardens.
One of their many great goals is to reduce waste and increase local food buying and sourcing, whilst creating a social community of warm people and great tasting cider.

Bjorn Borg - I loved the colour palette in his collection and different prints. The camo print, ribbed fabrics and deep rich hues of auburn - please inject this directly into my bursting wardrobe.

Cheap Monday - They have some amazing mixed fabric coats, great knits and cool detailing. Wish I had images to show but it's all the more for you to check it out when the seasons in.

- There were a lot of exciting collaborations and more brands at the press day but not all brands allowed photography of there upcoming collections.

Thank you so much guys and if you ever want to check out a Press Day there are loads around, whether your a foodie, in fashion or a beauty lover. Get in touch with a PR company relating to what you love/do and you could be given us the drop of what we have to look forward from there next Press Day.

© Jeaulina Cato 2016 all rights reserved on photographs
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