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And on this Friday we conquered the 20"Pizza.  
The sun was out, faces were beaming, skies so blue and the overly excited flipflop wearers were out in full force. On our way to HomeSlice, we stopped in the midst of the sunshine for a mini photoshoot, I couldn't resist! Down into the deep corners of Old Street, we hungrily walked to find the wood fire cooked Pizza place -HomeSlice-. This visit was long awaited and like most things on a foodies list your constantly coming across another place to check out; whether through word of mouth, walking about or commonly found through social media the list is never-ending.
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So the menu works like this, you have 10 different Pizzas to choose from which offers a range of vegetarian options. You can order by the slice (£4) or a 20" Pizza (£20). The 20"inch is big enough to share between 2/3 people, on the basis of you choosing this you can have up to two combinations of  pizza's on your 20". We went for the Caprese and the other half was  the Salami, Rocket and Parmesan Pizza. 


From the base to the toppings the Pizza was full of flavour. The parmesan was rich, I loved the slight smoke and saltiness of the base too, it enhanced the body of the Pizza. Out of the two we chose I really enjoyed both but I think I'd definitely go for the Caprese again and try it alongside something vegetarian. 
You really can't go wrong with some chilli oil it's one of my favourite oils especially on a bit of sourdough with a crack of salt....okay i''l stop. 
If it's not on the table ask for one, it's a moment between you, your pizza and tastebuds. 
One of the greatest trios.


Comforbality: It is a small sized restaurant with limited space. They have a seating area down stairs, upstairs and by the bar. 
The only thing I'd change is the bench seats, it wasn't the most comfort worthy seat to eat a meal from. I did enjoy the ambiance, the vibe and decor and most importantly the food and I will be back again soon.


Eliane's thoughts on the Pizza: 'it was a tasty meal haha'. Eliane is a friend and fellow foodie, she also enjoys baking (watch this space). 
You can check out her blogs and more through her tumblr

Happy Tuesday Ya'll - For more Foodie trails and places to visit IG: @jeaulinacato & @healthbyjeau

© Jeaulina Cato 2017 all rights reserved on photographs

Dinerama: & The Gang Gang Gang

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                                                                                                                                                                                     A p r i l    2 0 17

  Got to get down on Friday! If you can't wait to walk into 'Foodie ParadiseDinerama also opens on  Thursdays *omgggg*. 
From burgers to cocktails, dumplings to doughnuts there's a huge variety of food trucks to choose from, your practically spoilt for choice. 
They have the music playing, a huge seating area and a upstairs seating area, your pretty set for your night out!
 It gets packed quite quickly so don't stall in getting down there when it opens (5pm shh). They may run out of seats but thank God they'll never run out of food! 
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Frozen Banana Margarita served at the 'Big Bar' I was skeptical because I thought a banana margarita sounded sketchy but it was soooo good.
It has Patron Silver, Banana, Coconut, Lime and Honey. It's amazing, and despite it's small size it's more than enough so chill unless you really fancy another ;)
It's  a creeper so do accompany with some of the tasty food Dinerama has on offer.



Yumplings brought to you by Yum-Bun, these steam pork dumplings are packed with flavour that literally oozes out the bun with every bite, ain't no dry food over here, Honestly they really go down a treat and a nice portion to share with a friend. If pork isn't your vibe then they have a vegetarian option containing  mushrooms mmm.


This is my cousin Tonianne  she sings, she has mad style..... I mean peep there gold tipped lashes! 
She's also quite the watch connoisseur, whatever your after, your first or 15th watch she has a recommendation for you. 
With had some pretty cool foodie adventures, you might remember her from when we visited Coppa Club


What do we have here? First of all if your going to get the Crispy cod, spicy mayo, fennel, coriander, mango, chilli glaze bun you must get two! I know reading that last sentence sounded like a mouthful but no way near as supreme as the Bun itself.  It's simply too good to be true. If you like to spice up yah-life the guys at Yum-Bun keep a cheeky bottle of my favourite chilli sauce, Sriacha for those who like to up the ante. They also serve buns in pork, chicken and tofu, even though i'm sold on the fish bun this is more of a reason to return to try some more.


This is not Lauren London this is my cousin Lauren  Cato, she's a Actor & Writer, you've probably seen some of her work on youtube or even visited her in a play
She's very talented . Besides that she's a dope hula hooper! W


BBQ LAB: I got the Habenero wings, these wings are cooked with  Habenero, Roasted Peppers, Cream, Tamarind Chilli and Sprinkles. 
Their  moorish, flavoursome and they fall right off the bone but theres no shame in leaving nothing but the bones in your box left I know I enjoyed mine haha. 
There is always a queue at this stand so that should speak for itself. 

Happy Tuesday Ya'll - For more Food Inspo see my IG @healthbyjeau

© Jeaulina Cato 2017 all rights reserved on photographs


Taco Tuesday: A Seat Into Our Kitchen

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  Taco Tuesday: It used to be a religious date in our diaries that we were always available for. Sometimes there is just less time and our schedules are all out of balance, until someone sets a date that can no longer be rescheduled and everyone is summoned by that food-related calling. It's be there or be hungry! 
It's like setting a date for a wedding, no excuse is great enough you simply have to be there.  I would compare it to a birthday but count on me to be thinking of a million reasons why my bed sounds more of a fitting option than going out... woops...ahhh sorry friends.
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The Recipe -  Guacamole 
Tomato's (Firm)
Red Onion
Olive Oil
Sea Salt 

by - Welly 


How To? Using a chef's knife finely cut your onion, tomato's and parsley into small pieces, the smaller, the better. 
We don't want no lumpy bits all in our precious guac. Cut your avocado in half (firm avo's only) and scoop into a large bowl. 


What are the benefits to avocado you ask? 

It's very good for your skin, the Omega-9 help reduce redness
The Antioxidants in it help repair the skin, irritation and damaged skin cells
They contain more potassium than Banana's which helps maintain healthy blood pressure levels
The levels of healthy fats within Avocado's aids in increasing the value of nutrients and antioxidants you absorb in plant based foods.
It's all good eating nutritious foods but it's even better when you can yield more benefits from it, so add a avocado to the weekly shop!


How To? Once scooped into the bowl you then want to add the rest of your ingredients to the mix, lightly dressing it with olive oil, salt and lime juice. 
Welly Says: Don't skimp on the lime or salt as it cuts through the fat of the meat. Make sure you deseed the tomatoes otherwise it will be watery!

- Thanks Welly


Hangry by now? Stare into each others souls questioning yourself, your life and their life...wondering if the food will ever be ready?! This is why you buy the chips and dips to keep you going....but no one bought the chips or dips so you can continue to question life after this.....


Pulled Pork: Made by Peju Obasa.  She's keeping this recipe a secret, I guess she's opening her restaurant soon...we pray *throws hands up* 
Until then her tip on cooking Pulled Pork is to cook on low heat for as along as possible, not only does it intensify the 'flavour fav' in her words it will makes it easier to shred. - thank you Pegs!


Mix is well, get that fork and really churn that goodness together. No half-hearted business, this is not just any food this is food made with love.


The Soft Taco's are from Marks & Spencer's each pack contains 8 tacos, you can heat them in them in the microwave or the oven for 2mins max..  


The Assembly is everything!, it matters so much. There can only be one winner and it wasn't me, this was Peju's :( 
For the perfect assembly grab your taco shell, layer it with cheese and when you do put it into the microwave/oven so it melts into it nicely.
Then add your sweet peppers so the juices collapse into z'bread, 
Next you want to get real and serious by topping it with your pulled pork sent from heaven 
The Guac' attack! Don't be shy or modest there is more than enough to go round! Lastly top it off with sour cream and parsley because your fancy and you need it to look boujee for picture sake.  - You is  welcome.  

Happy Days Ya'll - For more Food Inspo see my IG @healthbyjeau

© Jeaulina Cato 2017 all rights reserved on photographs

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