Fashion East - London Fashion Week A/W14

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The Fashion East fashion show was a combination of three unique and creatively challenging designers. - Louis Alsope, Helen Lawrence and Ashley Williams. 

Zara Martin

The Fabolous Brix and I meet again! 

Absolutely loved these reflective mirror wedges.
Thank you so much for viewing, stay posted for more coming soon! x

© Jeaulina Cato 2014 all rights reserved on photographs

Napsugar Von Bittera - London Fashion Week A/W14

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Napsugar Von Bitteria held a Presentation show at London Fashion Week as to the usual runway show. 

The props for the presentation show was so much fun. The models walked around and posed and rotated, more came out and then a ballerina did which was a surprise.

I enjoyed the show however I felt the show models coming onto the set was far too slow. I  loved the edginess and tomboy looks with long socks, shorts and structured box fit jackets.

At first I assumed they were airport seats but when I looked at the other props I associated it more so to a cinema. The models become the movie and we are the viewers to it. - P.S who told you, you can't wear socks with open toe.

Thank you for viewing more LFW posts coming soon!

© Jeaulina Cato 2014 all rights reserved on photographs

Topshop Unique - London Fashion Week A/W14


Tate Modern - Turbine Hall

Tate Modern Entrance - Topshop Unique

Jourdan Dunn - Highlight

These boots are amazing the styling and tones of the layered clothing reminds me so much of the 70's.

& Their off but where's WOLLY?

Kendall Jenner

3 Colours with a scratch of red that sits on into the clutch and onto the lips, perfect clean cut items and simple accessories like the clutch and shades complete this look.
Finding yourself 'the coat' and a few great pairs of footwear will bring the best out the most simplest looks, creating unique shape's and effortless style.

All black attire from K.Jen

The wonderful Brix Smith all for the Navy and subtle embellishment  

White - Vanessa Hong : Orange - Margaret Zhang

Ikhyd & Maya (M.I.A)

Chloe Noorgard & Kristian Schmidt adore their look their look so vibrant and distinct. 

Irina Lakicevic - oNe of my favorite coats! The cut fits her frame so well and the embroidery really is an accessories in it's self with that in mind their is no need for a necklace or scarf as you can see.

Absolutely love this look, when using two colours boldly add a print or something graphic to add detail/texture to emphasize on what's already their. - play with shapes!

I have a thing for bags, clutches and purses and this was my favorite one of the day. The Zebra chain bag, small, effective and so cute! 

Gala Gonzalez - Blue two piece suit which pairs so well it can be mistaken for a boiler suit. The auburn bag contrast so very well with her hair colour. 

Hope you've enjoyed the show inside and out - more LFW posts coming soon.

© Jeaulina Cato 2014 all rights reserved on photographs
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