Winter Wonderland: Late Nights In London

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Winter Wonderland: Every year thousands of people all over the UK come to check out London's biggest Christmas attraction. The festive atmosphere, the bright colourful lights and the endless amounts of venders serving traditional food is just a glimpse of what it's like to spend a moment in Winter Wonderland. From the toasty mulled wine to the abundance of couples, Winter Wonderland has something for everyone and yes that includes a few scream worthy rides (well some). 

Winter Wonderland is here till  January 2nd so make the most of it while it's around. Hope you guys enjoyed this post and i'll be back soon. Have a Happy Holiday & New Year! 
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© Jeaulina Cato 2016 all rights reserved on photographs

Coppa Club: Lunch In An Igloo

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Birthday Week: The day after my birthday me and my cousin went to  Coppa Club in Tower Hill. 

We came for brunch but we had unfortunately missed it by a few minutes, so we decided to stay and have lunch.
After all it was more than just the food we came for, it was the igloos, the ambiance and the views.

I went for the Coppa Club Burger which comes with skinny fries and my cousin opted for the Flash Steak & Fries.
The burger was a tad underwhelming, the fries were good though (my cousin loved them).
 It was a fresh tasting burger but the flavours weren't all the way there for me.  I've been to restaurants where I don't take to a specific meal on their menu but I can vouch for the other things they do.
As this was my first time dining at Coppa Club I'd definitely return and try something new.
 The service was great, there was a nice atmosphere across the vicinity and the igloos where so cosy.

Due to high demand they are no longer taking bookings for the igloos but they keep space for walk-ins so try check it out and tell me what you think! Hope you guys enjoyed this post and i'll be back soon. 
Playlist: Western Grove

© Jeaulina Cato 2016 all rights reserved on photographs

Sunday Roast Dinner: A Seat At Our Table

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Sunday Roast Dinner: 
With one of my favourite whats app groups, which is a big deal because whatsapp groups 
can be the bane of most of our lives these days, right?
Leaving your phone for 30minutes and coming back to banter, rants or pointless chatter that exceeds 
128 messages...whose still with me? And to be fair all of the above can be within this group, sometimes started by me but we truly love each other and have a thang for food. 

So Where Did This Start?
 It started back early this year when we decided to have a gathering and call it Taco Tuesday's. 
We'd shop and bring food into the house of whoever was hosting that day. Playing music, discussing life,
chopping and spicing flavours 
together and then sitting to enjoy our tacos as a family of friends.
 Having fellowship, sharing our highs & hurts, our present struggles, truths & words of encouragement was just the start of what became a unique bond between us all. Where not a perfect fairytale, we know how to throw shade and annoy each other now and again but honesty, the love and vibe is unmatched.

Foodie Queen's & Chef Machine's:
It's what connects most us of these days, everyone's looking for the next hot spot the most instagram-able plate...
Unconsciously we find eating out the only way we can retain a mild fraction of our social experience, seen as most of our social interaction is fed between please's & thank you's and unfocused conversation. The remanding amount is split between 15- 20 sec of small talk if that; and the rest archived into our phones. 

Don't get me wrong I love eating out anyone who knows me will tell you that, but what I love about cooking a meal with my friends at home is that it's that much more personal. There is no rush, there is no formal barriers and their is hardly any interruptions and theirs so much to absorb about each other as well as gice of ourselves.
Who doesn't appreciate a meal cooked with love, music and sass.
I can laugh, cry, and peel a potato and not feel like a lemon ALL in one evening haha. 
 Dinner with the Royals:
We cooked a Sunday Roast & Drank Mimosas. On the menu was: Roast Chicken, Roast Patatos, Parsnips and Carrots. Broccoli, Aunty Bessies Yorkshire Puddings, Stuffing, Gravy and Cauli-Ch

Now go call your friends or family round and whip something up together and take some to work the next day.
Until next time  have a listen to my playlist: Western Grove 2

© Jeaulina Cato 2016 all rights reserved on photographs


Palm Springs - Summer In California

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After an amazing few days in LA the girls and I took a road trip down into the blue skies and blazing suns of
PALM SPRINGS for Labour Day Weekend. 

We stayed at the J.W Marriott honestly the sunrise and sunset over the mountains has to be the most epic things I've ever seen on all of my travels. 


Ace Hotel
Ace Hotel - King's Highway: Crispy Jidori Chicken Sandwhich  

Ace Hotel

Joshua Tree - It's about an hours drive from our hotel in Palm Springs.  Joshua Tree at night is quite special.
You can clearly see the stars, the milky-way, constellation and occasionally a shooting star. It was such an amazing experience, no lights, in the warm dark which felt like the middle of nowhere, playing music from the car and gazing at the stars. Me and my camera was at war this evening but none the less I will always have this shabby picture to reflect on why things are best seen in person...hahaha.

Salton Sea - Salvation Mountain
We drove out about an hour and half from Palm Springs to see Salvation Mountain.
It was created by Leonard Knight who passed away in 2014, it was his tribute to God and a great one.
It has passages, tunnel and stairs bright colours and scriptures of the bible.
Salvation Mountain.

Until next time, have a listen to my playlist: Western Grove

© Jeaulina Cato 2016 all rights reserved on photographs

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